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What happened to it?

I just had it the other day. I thought to myself. It had been playing a familiar game with me, though I still hadn’t figured out its rules. 

"Where will I go?" I said, talking to myself.

"I don’t know. But you’ve got to get out of here."  I responded.

The day went on, with the emptiness growing inside of me. I began to indulge in its mystery. And I walked past the bathroom mirror, only to see someone else. I jumped up. 

"Who are you?!" I yelled into my reflection. "What have you done with Natalie? She is not here. She is inside of the living. And living on the inside." I responded to Self.

Confused, I walked away. Self was ugly. She was absolutely ugly. She resembled like a grey-brown stone, carrying the head of a lion. The lion was dark and scary. And her arms were missing. 

I walked away quickly. I jumped under the covers and shut my phone off, only to block off any type of social interaction. I knew what I had to do, but I wasn’t strong enough to face it just yet. I needed it. Whenever I had it, I didn’t think of Self. Self was very tempting to bathe in, but I’d been trained to ignore her. 

I rolled up. I lit the green and smoked. Inhale and exhale. I sat in my corner, rocking back and forth, tilting my head towards the ceiling.

This is amazing. I thought to myself.

The room was dark, cold and I heard an echo. 

"Hello?" I cried out. 

"I’m over here." Self yelled back in a seductive manner. She sashayed over to me. She looked absolutely beautiful. She was different this time, with hands on her hips and her long curly hair falling down her sexy back. Her figure was that of a coke bottle. 

Self took my hand and gently kissed it. “Come here, baby.” She said. Her eyes low, her hips curved, her legs bend. The light beamed from the cracked door inches away from the train of her dress. 

and then it happened.

The grey-brown stone appeared, holding the head of the lion. I dipped back, hitting my head against the wall. I dropped the plant. I cried. She pulled me over to the mirror, forcing me to examine the picture inside of it. I tried my best to run away but her grip was too strong. The tears were so strong that they burned holes in my cheeks. There was a stream of blood underneath me. The transformation had begun. 

"You lied to me." I said in a soft, child-like tone.

"You lied to yourself." Self explained to me. She threw the lion’s head at me and it became my head. She kissed me and I turned into stone. I looked into my reflection and saw darkness. She had done it. She had revealed to me the reality of the unknown.

The living truth.

The Self.

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